December 23, 2016

A light-touch


If there was no management …

The clock would still tick and things would still get done. But what, and when?

Management is the art of getting the Right Things done to an acceptable level of quality and with an acceptable cost in terms of time and cash.

The pivot is people.

Good people, bought into a coherent and clear plan and dealing with hiccups using the same decision making principles that created the plan, don’t need external management. They get whatever they need from within.

Of course, everything benefits from coordination – which demands good communication skills.

The ligtest-touch management means keeping the Right Things in sight and nurturing information flows.

The lower the Good People ratio, the more management. The less coherent and clear the plan, the less buy-in, the less shared the decision making principles, the more management.

The pivot, always, is people.

Skippy strategy: Hire more good people.