October 2, 2018

A little prickly


Big organisations and small organisations see, think and act differently. When they rub up against each other – like when one is buying from their different sized friends – things can feel a little prickly.

If you’re on the big side of the equation, expect ruffled feathers when you try to get your small colleagues to see things your way and think and act like you do. They’ll likely rail against the processes that make you feel comfortable and safe, get frustrated when things take so long, and shake their heads when you get into the details rather than the outcomes.

If you’re on the smaller side, expect risk avoidance or plain old fear when they see the nimble-footed way you make things happen, the casual way you handle uncertainties and the speed you’re willing to change direction.

Skippy strategy: Prickliness is normal, as is finding a comfier place near the middle.