August 29, 2020

A little stuck


So we sit with it. And we sit with it. And we feel a little stuck. But we sit with it.

It’s possible to get stuck. Despite being unhappy with the way we’re doing something, dissatisfied with someone on the team, feeling like there must be a better way, we just carry on doing what we’ve been doing. A special kind of organisational Stockholm Syndrome maybe.

Maybe it’s easier to continue with what and who we know, maybe familier and comfortable outweigh discontent and frustration, maybe the idea of breaking things that kinda-sorta work feels more risky that the potential upside of starting again.

Stop sitting and start talking. No need to make a big swing yet. Just get out there, start asking interesting questions of interesting people and see what interesting alternatives you find.

Skippy strategy: After two days of action, getting unstuck might sound less risky and more exciting.