February 19, 2021

A maybe

Hong Kong

Nobody likes a maybe. What everyone needs is a yes or no. Yes, we will do this thing. No, we won’t. With one of those, with a decision, with that in your hand, you can get on with doing the thing or not. One way or the other. The choice has been made. We get on with this thing, or we do something else. Either way, it’s a doing thing.

A maybe though. A maybe! A maybe is a holding pattern. A maybe is one foot in the door, I might, one foot out the door, I might not.

On the outside of the someone else’s maybe, it’s horrible. Waiting, waiting, waiting, influencing, bobbing around excitedly, expectantly, hopefully, waiting, waiting, not doing all the things you could be doing.

Skippy strategy: So push for a Yes, push for a No, or get on with something meaningful whilst you wait.