February 13, 2022

A positive light


It’s possible you don’t like what you have to say.

It’s possible they won’t like it either. They might like some of it, but not the rest. Sure, if it helps, you can do your best to present it in a positive light – but the primary objective should always be clarity. Sugar coating may be ok, or one of those sandwiches, but honesty is never a maybe.

This means, sometimes, you will be the bearer of, erm, sub-optimal news. That’s the job.

Get it straight in your head before you make the call. Get your colleagues in on the process – some of them hawks, some of them doves – see it from all their sides and work out, together, the message you need to convey. Simple and clear works better that blinding with science and overly selling and spinning.

Skippy strategy: Like it or not, the primary tools are honesty and clarity.