October 19, 2019

A presumption


It’s worth going into a negotiation knowing that some people will want to take advantage of you.

Treat that as information. Treat it as something too look out for. Treat is as a possibility.

Just don’t start there. Don’t start with the expectation of unscrupulous, dishonourable behaviour on their side and distrust on yours.

Start with a presumption that both sides want to find a win-win. That both parties understand the long game is better if everyone starts happy and stays happy. That there will come a time when one side really needs the other, and that building in goodwill now will have benefits down the line. Start there, and try to finish there.

Sure, not everyone is honourable. Some people have been schooled in nil-sum. Look out for that. But the place to build skippy relationships? In the middle.

Skippy strategy: Start out to find a win-win.