Sea view

Hotels do a pretty good job. Clean linen and a shower, food at reasonable times, a quiet night and a comfortable bed.

And then … standard or deluxe? Evening meal or breakfast, or both, or none? A sea view?

I get to choose exactly where I stay and what I pay. My choice all the way.

As customers, we like to make our own choices. We value some things more than price.

Adding options puts the customer in control of value. They sell themselves a larger cup, a sea view, a three-month training programme, increased impact.

When a customer asks for help, be prepared to give them choices and let them judge the value.

Skippy strategy: What’s your equivalent of a sea view? The next time you make a proposal, offer some added value options. Offer something inside the budget and offer more to increase the impact.

Based on a post first published 18th March 2015