November 2, 2019

A size thing


Small supplier, working with a big customer. 

The big customer likes the small supplier because it’s nimble, it makes decisions and acts on them, it’s innovative, it’s dynamic. If we can get this working, we can finally kick this place in to gear.

The small supplier likes the big customer because it’s good for its credit, it offers immediate scale, and it presents the kind of opportunities that have a wide impact. If we get this working, things will only go one way.

And then, reality. Big customers operate on process, small suppliers live on their people. Big customers can take long-term bets that chew through cash reserves, small suppliers need velocity and have no cash reserves. Big customers love a meeting, a report and time to consider, small suppliers love to get on with it.

Not impossible relationships, not easy either.

Skippy strategy: Big and small … it’s a size thing.