November 6, 2020

A small tuck


The way we run meetings. The invoicing system. Project management. Keeping targets in focus. The stationery cupboard. The annual review process. Recruitment.

Some things only kinda-sorta work. They do work, but not well. They work, but not easily and not with exactly the desired outcomes. So why don’t we change them? Because kinda-sorta working is better than not working and it feels like inventing a better system would be more work than is necessary. In other words, inertia.

For some things, (the stationery cupboard?) inertia is fine because the upside is too small. For others, (meetings?), a little tweak hear and a small tuck there would make us all smile. For others, root and branch, would move mountains.

Work out what’s not working (just listen for groans and watch for eye rolls) and then fix them. One tuck at a time.

Skippy strategy: Don’t accept it, change it.