September 29, 2023

A solo act


You have a broader view of the facts and a clearer vision of where you’re going. You have the authority to make things happen. You can push things through. You can go against the grain for what you consider is the greater good. It comes with the job.

Whether it’s about a product, a department or the whole thing. You make the call.

Which is scary at first, and then becomes compelling.

So compelling that sometimes you push things along as a solo act, without consultation or consideration of the opinions of others, without any attempt to bring them with you. You railroad them on the assumption that they’re on board anyway and they have no choice.

After all, you know what’s best, right?

It’s an MO that works for a while.

The risk: teaching people their opinions don’t matter.

Skippy strategy: Train your people, and yourself, to engage.