December 20, 2016

A stony silence


One of the secrets has always been … return your phone calls, (substituting the appropriate form of communications from cuneiform to WhatsApp). Don’t leave ‘em hanging.

Not much of a secret, but pretty well ignored by more than half.

What to do with them?

It’s tempting to send increasingly irritated follow-ups. To make life uncomfortable.

Doesn’t work. It’s like when your mother tells you off for not calling. Makes you want to call less.

And when the stony silence extends, maybe you loose heart and block them out. In other words, you become a little frosty yourself.

The alternative course … give them an easy in.

Check in every once in a while. Be friendly. A light touch.

If and when they do get back to you, no worries. Act like you’re picking up the conversation from yesterday.

Your job … make life easy.

Skippy strategy: “Great to hear from you. So, let’s ….”