October 27, 2020

A superpower


There’s a superpower that’s available to all of us. One that makes us more productive, more valuable in any situation, makes us stand out as the kind of person other people want to have around. It’s a superpower that gets things done, that turns good intentions and shoulds and coulds into to-dos and to-dos into lists of things completed.

That superpower: follow through.

The power to fulfil on commitments, to work out what needs to be done and then actually do the doing. To take notes, to be specific, to consider deadlines before committing to them, and then to make the things you said would happen, happen.

We all like it when other people follow through and we rail when they don’t. We’re repeat customers of suppliers who do what they say what they’re going to do.

We have that superpower.

Skippy strategy: Use your superpower for good.