December 16, 2016

A visual


There’s that thing you’re trying to describe.

“Yeah. It sits in the middle of this place I know and it’s connected in a bunch of ways I was telling you about yesterday. And the next thing we have to do is find room to put this new dohicky somewhere between the two bits that … “

Get the picture?

Me either.

My stuff is complicated on its own. Then you start telling me about your stuff which, honestly, I don’t even understand conceptually, let alone in detail … and  … I’ve got other things to think about … and … I don’t get it. And I don’t care.

To get me, you have to make it easy. Help me understand. Quickly. What it is, what it will do for me.

First pass, I don’t have to know how.

The quickest way to my attention? A visual.

Skippy strategy: Show don’t tell.