February 6, 2024

Able crew mates


There’s the getting out of port part. You know, choosing a destination, sorting out the scheduling, the paperwork, the hitting the tide just right, the fine manoeuvring as you head out to sea.

Then there’s the bulk of the journey. You need hands on deck, absolutely, and navigation, but it’s more about process and movement with a few challenges thrown in along the way (and at racing speed, the challenge come thick) , less about fundamental rethinks and dramatic changes in course.

Then there’s the docking. Overcoming the final miles and bringing it safely into harbour without nurfing the neighbours or getting caught in the shallows.

You might be able to do it all yourself. You might want to.

If you need help though, there are two kinds of help to consider: pilots who can navigate the tricky parts, and able sea-persons. Everyone must be good in a storm.

Skippy strategy: Choose able crew mates.