October 21, 2020

About the conversation


It’s a new regime, we’re setting out on a new way of doing things. Maybe it’s a new project, maybe it’s a new process – but the idea is that from now until we change things around again, this is the new way. Baby steps. There has to be a first time, and then a second, and then on from that.

Two choices: see how it goes, or would out how to make it go.

Seeing how it goes is the suck-it-and-see philosophy. Get going, try this, try that, and stumble around until we find a coherent way of working.

Working it out is the active-choices method. Have the conversation, then have the conversation about the conversation. What worked, what didn’t, what should we do different next around?

Both methods get there eventually. One just happens to be a whole lot faster.

Skippy strategy: Have the conversation about the conversation.