November 15, 2016

About time


Things take time.

Paint drying, tankers turning, generations growing, committees meeting, muscles flexing, decisions deciding, things a-cookin’.

People and organisations and processes and the wheels of change run at their own pace.

It’s hard, frustrating, but damn hard to push them along from the outside.

Ho hum.

You can try.

You probably should try – particularly when a little hustle is good for both sides.

Go on, give it a push. But expect the natural order of things (vested interests, status quo, risk aversion, life) to push back just as hard.

In the end, the world turns all on its own and sometimes you just have to wait until it does.

Skippy strategy: Put your energy where its useful. If it’s in pushing, push. If it’s getting on with something more productive (instead of … just … waiting) get on and do that.