December 6, 2016

About yesterday


You remember yesterday. You remember the state of play, how you got there, the decisions you made and the data you relied on. The people around you, the conversations you had, the resources available and what you did with them. All that stuff. Yesterday.

Today, things change.

The sun got up on a new world with everything in motion, nuances wriggling, seismic shifts, political upheavals, new inputs. New people came into view with new opinions and experiences and world views and ways of doing things.

You can’t rely on all of yesterdays decisions and positions. Things flexed over night. Some broke. Some got overwhelmed or undermined by newer smarter cheaper faster just plain better alternatives.

Most of what was true yesterday is true today. Not all.

The game is staying open.

Not relying on what you knew for sure, but now ain’t so.

Skippy strategy: When the world turns, turn with it.