November 25, 2020

After the curve

Zig zag

The place to accelerate is after the curve.

Before the curve, when you’re still working out your approach, when you’re unsure of what you’ll found around the corner, when there are too many unknowns to act with abandon, it’s time to slow down so you have time to observe and position and take things in – to plan.

In the middle of the curve, keep everything in check, observing until you’re sure the curve is opening out and you can see what’s coming next. Then, only then, increase pressure as you gain a good feeling and confidence in grip.

You might like going fast. You might have supreme belief in your ability to predict the future. You might be willing to bet the entire spread of alfalfa.

The rest of us, we like it more when we can see.

Skippy strategy: Go slow until you know, absolutely know, to go fast.