July 20, 2021

All about values


It really is all about values.

When you’re hiring, there are always plenty of people with the technical skills and sufficient experience who can do the job. In starter roles, the choices are endless, even in a competitive market. In more senior roles, the choices are fewer but there are always good people looking for a challenge. Finding people who can do the job, at whatever level, whilst never easy, is by far the easiest part.

The hard part, is finding within that cohort the ones who fit the values or your team.

If they don’t, best case is they bounce out pretty quick and you’ll be back where you started, worst case, they’ll undermine the collective and you’ll be going slower with more friction and your team will look at each other, shrug, and start to question your judgement.

Skippy strategy: Hire the one that shares the values.