October 16, 2016

All muscle


If you want to get better at running, you have to practice. Training the muscles to do more and more of what you want, without flagging, without losing form and without injury. Hard work pays off and smarter-harder work pays off more.

What if everything was made of muscle?

Like your decision making muscle – the more you test the edges of arguments and opinions and practice making up your mind even when uncertainty’s ringing every bell, the more you’re able to do it next time.

Like your saying No muscle – where you practice staring down your people-pleaser instincts and assess every request on its merits rather than the smile it sits behind.

Like your execution muscle – where you put the work in to get the job done, no matter what excuses and obstacles you come across.

Then rest.

And repeat.

Skippy strategy: A little practice, a little pushing.