March 19, 2020

All-righty then

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It starts with lack of clarity and progresses without boundaries. After a while, some of your people will work things out for themselves, and not in a good way.

The question they’re working out: what’s my job?

It starts with a slow motion internal dialog played out over months. They look around and see others making ups their own rules. And they’re thinking (without knowing they’re thinking it) … All-righty then. They take the easy and the interesting, things that are fun, challenges that aren’t too challenging. They might be attracted to glory, or big titles and avoidable accountability. They don’t like risk or early morning or actual … you know …work.

The alternative? Clarity.

The method? Worst case, you tell them and hold them accountable. Best case, you work it out between you and hold each other accountable. 

Not a four letter word bureaucracy, it’s management.

Skippy Strategy: Keep it clear.