December 24, 2021

All their efforts

Flower Bed

Chasing through the day to day, busy, time pressured, we all do things for others and have things done for us. It’s in the woodwork, buried inside everything that happens. We accept it as part of the fabric of life and move on to the next thing, and then the next, never stopping to think what it takes, never taking more than a moment to thank whoever was involved.

Today’s the day to stop, to appreciate, to take a moment and to thank. Not necessarily for something specific. (Although, why not?) To thank them for all their efforts over the day, the week, the year. To thank them for their sacrifice, their intelligence, their creativity. They attention to detail and breadth of perspective. Or maybe just for being there when you needed them, always making life a little bit better.

Skippy strategy: Today’s the day to say thank you.