December 16, 2019

Also true


When someone critiques you, your team or what you do, it’s easy to get defensive. To point out all the good things and minimise what they’re saying or its relevance, to discredit the messenger and focus more on more kindly affirmations of your own opinion of excellence. 

It’s easy, because most of that other stuff is true – and who doesn’t like to rely on truth in the face of adversity? Bit it may also be foolish – because despite all the good thing about what you do … there are probably some, erm, less good, and this critic may simply be giving honest and direct feedback in the hope that you’ll address these specific issues and make things even better.

When you hear the kind of comments you don’t like to hear, turn towards rather than away, and ask, is this also true?

Skippy strategy: Seek out the truth in criticism.