August 4, 2016

Always be human


Always be human.

Which means … treat everyone else like a human.

The success formula: treat them as you want to be treated.

Which means …

Chose your language like you’re talking to a human, not a robot.

Treat him like someone with ambitions and passions and feelings and family – just like you.

Treat her like she has life experiences and knowledge an valid opinions and a vague idea what I’m doing – just like you.

Look him in the eye like you care what he thinks.

Listen to her, don’t jump all over her or score points or pretend until your turn.

Notice him.

See her for who she is. Not a what, or a character, or a cliche, or a job title, or a place on the pecking order.

And they’ll do just the same.

Life is better that way.

Skippy strategy: Every email, every meeting, every phone call … always be human.