August 3, 2016

Always be selling


When you genuinely believe what you have to offer is beneficial to the other side of the table, you present things in a way that helps them see the benefit.

It’s not snake oil – that’s a trick where you try to convince them that nothing is something.

It’s not spinning – that’s a game where you turn one thing, good or bad, into something it’s not.

It’s about belief. It’s about the benefit.

It’s selling.

Sometimes there’s money involved, but not often.

Most times, the exchange isn’t goods or services for cash, it’s ideas for actions.

Every email, every meeting, every interaction … genuine belief and commitment to the cause means you’re always selling. Not because you have to, not to get things you want, but because you can’t not.

Skippy strategy: Every email, every meeting … it’s about belief.