January 31, 2024

Always replacing


When someone bounces out of your organisation – in and out in just a few months – them’s the breaks. Right? If you hired poorly, at least you dealt with it quickly. If they left on their own, maybe things were happening outside you couldn’t know. If they didn’t fit the team or the work ethic or the skillset or the profile, learn to dig deeper next time.

Put it down to experience. Move on.


Not when it’s a pattern. When you’re always replacing last month’s replacement, when the only ones who stick around are the ones who’ve been around forever … there’s a problem. And that problem is you.

If bouncing is the norm … it’s something you’re doing badly, or not doing at all – could be supporting, managing, leading, directing, briefing, listening, learning.

Start with asking questions, fix whatever you find.

Skippy strategy: When they bounce, work out why.