November 10, 2021

An abdication


When things get bigger, it’s impossible – and counter productive – to be as involved in everything as you used to be. That’s why you bring new people into the game.

There was a time when you were across everything. When nothing went on without your direct involvement. So teams grow, responsibilities shift, data flows and communication lines evolve and everyone becomes comfortable with their own slice of the pie.

There’s a difference though between delegation and abdication. Just because responsibility now falls on someone else, it doesn’t mean you should lose interest and stop asking questions.

It’s not … I trust you so I let you get on with it.

It’s … I trust you and I’m interested in how you’re getting on with it because we’re in this thing together.

And that’s not … micromanaging.

It’s … leadership by paying attention.

Skippy strategy: Delegation isn’t an abdication of responsibility, unless you make it.