July 30, 2016

An easy job


Your job is to make their life easier.

As a manager, you’re successful when your team is successful – your job is to make sure your team have every chance possible to do their job well. What can you do to help?

As a leader, you’re successful when your department or company helps your customer hit their mark. How can you help them do it?

As a supplier, you’ll get chosen if your customers value your help more than the next guy’s. What can you add that makes their job simpler?

What systems, processes, people, inspiration, training, resources, help or ladder can you put on the steeple to make the climb easier?

First step: knowing who they are, and what job they’re trying to do.

Last step: make their life easier.

(None of this is about an easy life.)

Skippy strategy: Next time you’re looking for a promotion, or product feature, or innovation, or business plan, or customer – ask, how can I make their job easier?

First published 11th July 2015.