February 8, 2019

An ego


Sometimes the only thing in the way of progress is an ego.

It makes for antagonistic negotiations when one or both sides want the win. It stops someone doing the work they feel is beneath them. It stops them listening to counter-opinions or anyone else opinions at all.

If the ego sits on your side of the table (whether it looks back at you from the mirror or is someone on your team) you have a choice to make. Name the issue and let it dominate the playing field, or name it and manoeuvre it out of the way.

If it’s on the other side … trouble … but you still a choice. Accepting it’s entrenched in the field, decide whether to appease, go under around or over it (triangulate with powerful influencers), or walk away.

It’s always your choice.

Skippy strategy: When an ego is the issue, make active choices.