July 12, 2015

An expensive education


Any time you have to educate your market – about their problem, why they should care, your solution, the technology involved, your business model – it’s expensive.

The more variables you have to explain, the more time and money it costs. And all the while their attention’s wandering as they prioritise their own agenda rather than yours.

There are two paths. Swallow the cost, or find customers who already get it.

The cost is always more than you’d like, and probably more than you’ve got, so only swallow when there is absolutely, without doubt, we’ve tried everything, no other way.

Far cheaper, quicker, and easier to find groups of customers who already understand as much of the game as possible, and fancy another piece of cheese – your piece.

Leave teaching for teachers. Marketers find markets.

Skippy Strategy: There are customers who already understand. Find them.