August 11, 2021

And … relax


It’s relentless. The clock, the calendar, the pace of change, the work ethic, the always-on, the email, the comms, the need to be on it, on it, on it. It’s there in the morning, it’s there in the afternoon, it’s there in the evening. Every day. Every. Day. Again and again. Never stopping. It wears you out and it wears you down and you keep on going and keep on keeping on.

Until you stop.

Until you put time aside to do other things. Significant time doing other things. Signification time doing other things that take you physically and mentally away. A vacation. Time out.  A break.

If things might break, make it so they won’t. Make the next job making it sustainable, making it more supportable, making it so you don’t have to make it every day.

What to do next? Make it sustainable.

Skippy strategy: And … relax.