June 28, 2019

And then, doh!


If there’s one thing that everyone gets wrong, it’s support. We put all our efforts into innovation, into building products and services that break new ground and enable step by step improvements wherever they land. If we’re smart, along the way we work hard at influencing influencers so the world is ready just as soon as we are. We market and sell and sell and market to fill our pipelines and excite our customers.

And then, doh!, most of us abandon them – our products and customers – to work things out for themselves. We turn our backs on them when they need us most.

Sure, we service parts and answer the phone, but it’s cursory. 

We treat support like a cost centre … when we should see supported happy customers as the differentiator that they are.

Skippy strategy: Back up great products and services with the kind of support customers write home about.