October 3, 2019

Another hill


Another day, another hill to climb. And whilst in the moment it can be deeply irritating to have to march to the top of the hill, again, and then march back down after that. Over and over. That is the work. Sometimes it’s slightly easier. Sometimes harder. No use complaining about it. Just get on with it.

Because, and here’s the reality, no matter how annoying it is, no matter how you hate this and hate that, no matter what you’d rather be doing today … given your position … you’ve chosen this.

Climbing today’s hill might not be an active choice. But climbing hills, and plenty of ‘em, is. Your role exists because they exist. Without hills, life would be easier, for someone. No you, you choose to go where the hills are.

Skippy strategy: Take a moment whilst huffing on the next slope, and appreciate that this is why you’re here.