November 29, 2015

Are we good?

Horse's mouth

Ever wonder what they think?

Whether things are getting better from their perspective? Or worse?

If that disagreement has lodged firm at the front of their mind or was washed away on the next high tide of excitement?

Want to know whether they’re looking for partners or are simply on a fact-finding whistle-stop?

If you’re close enough for questions to be important, you know them well enough to ask.

Take the direct route: What are you thinking? I know it was difficult last time out, are we good now? We’re trying to schedule our work for the next three months, what are your timescales? So you’re in town for two days, what are you looking to take away from the trip?

Subtle or not, sometimes you just need to know.

Skippy Strategy: Next time you start wishing you could know … work out a way to ask.