February 1, 2021

Around a whiteboard


Ask any one on your team if there a way to improve how things are done around here, they’ll give you a list. Put a bunch of them around a whiteboard, with enough time and the latitude to think bigger and broader than the immediate need, they’ll redesign processes, change systems and create efficiencies that will make any change-agent’s head spin. And all without the help of a book or a management consultant – just good, hard-won experience and too many times wondering why we do so many backwards things around here. 

The first place to look is exactly where you are.

Changing from within is easier than importing it from even the most well meaning,  sophisticated and knowledgeable outsider. It’s about creating the space, convening the team, lighting the touch paper of their enthusiasm and standing back.

Skippy strategy: Set out the challenge, and convene around a whiteboard.