January 14, 2016

Around every corner


All around you are people you rely on and who rely on you. In accounts, purchasing, sales, admin, production, operations, finance, management, goods inward, factory, despatch, new product development, research, HR. Around every corner.

Outside it too. In customers and suppliers, partners, professional services, trade bodies, conference organisers, logistics companies, the fella at the rental place. Everywhere.

People who can make life easier or harder, and whose lives you impact just the same.

Take the lead.

Turn up on time, fill out your expenses, answer your email, return their call, do your taxes, write the report, prepare for the meeting, have a ready smile, take the first step, don’t wait to be asked. No fuss no muss.

Get on with being the proactive person you wish was around every corner.

Skippy Strategy: That thing you always make difficult for them … make it easier.