January 22, 2020

As real


Bringing new things into the world means many leaps of faith for everyone sat around every table at all stages of the process. Some people can makes those leaps all on their own. Others need some hand holding.

Hand holding means taking time to write things down in a digestible form, pulling the abstract and conceptual into actual and concrete examples. No amount of waving your hands in the air will substitute for a clean, clear, concise and coherent presentation, with examples. Vague ideas rendered into real world use cases, round benefits roughly quantified, it could sit here and look like this and cost about that much … plays better than, “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

Everybody will know – you’ll know – that every word is just today’s version of the truth. And everyone – including you – will benefit from the effort.

Skippy strategy: Make it as real as you can.