June 25, 2017

As you go


Without thinking – two things can catch you.

You can live entirely in the moment, operating without the benefit or hindsight or foresight, reacting to whatever you find in your path given the specifics of the day. No two days the same, no reaction any more predictable that it was yesterday or the day before that. The danger – you’re a pinball, in a hurry, going nowhere.

Or, you can get caught in a groove. Everything the same as it follows a foreseeable path. Nothing changing except the date. Head down, heedless of change, anticipating an unsurprising tomorrow. The danger – your run around in circles whilst the world rolls away.

With thinking – progress.

It’s starts with knowing where you’re heading. That’s the plan.

Then every day after that, paying attention to where you are and adjusting as you go.

Skippy strategy: A little forethought, observation and adjustment along the way.