June 18, 2020

Ask ’em


We can take it for granted that customers choose us. Maybe they walk in the door, or shoot us an email, or click Buy on our website. We do what we have to do to make them happy and then everyone gets on with the next thing that’s in front of them – whether that’s another email, another supplier or a good book.

But, wouldn’t you like to know why they walked through the door, shot you that email, clicked Buy? Wouldn’t it be useful to know what inspired that person on that day to take that action? Then you’d be able to use the insight – maybe just to say, huh, or maybe to double down on just that thing and find new ways to help more people.

If that sounds good … ask ‘em. Ask ‘em, Why? They’ll probably tell you

Skippy strategy: Ask them why, and they’ll probably tell you.