January 20, 2020

Aware of pieces


In the thick of it, with as much information as is possible because you’re the source of all the information … you know what’s going on. You know what’s slow or fast, good or bad, spinning up or grinding down. You know where the delays are and what (or who) is the cause, you know when to expect movement and (mostly) when to accept defeat. You’re across the detail, woven into every weft, and comfortable in the knowledge that you have all the knowledge.

It’s not the same for everyone else. They’re aware of pieces. Little bits of everything, or maybe just this or that. They don’t know … so they fill in the blanks with guesses and assumptions and fears and expectations and imagination and make believe.

And sometimes they worry. And sometimes they act on the misinformation.

Skippy strategy: Don’t assume they know. Don’t assume they don’t need to know.