March 26, 2017

Bad news


When there’s good news, get it out there. Tell anyone who needs to know. Then every other bunch of people who should or might be interested. This happened and we’re happy to tell you about it.

Bad news isn’t so easy.

The general rule is the same … get it to anyone who needs to know. Rather they hear from you than the grapevine. (On grapevines: they’re uncontrollable. You can try, you might win for a while, but in the end the vines will break out of the building and strangle any lies and maybe the people who told them.)

Manage the news? Yes. Accentuate the positives? Absolutely. Shine a light on the upside? Of course.

But always always make sure everything you say, good or bad, isn’t something you can be called out on.

The truth works.

Skippy strategy: To never get caught in a lie … never lie.