March 13, 2019

Bad things will grow


Sitting in the middle of it all, you have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. You know who and what is involved where and when. You understand how all the parts fit together and the impact each has on the others and the whole.

Sitting in the middle, it’s easy to imagine that your influence is pervasive. And it is. But not necessarily in the way you’d like.

If you show interest and that you care … good things will grow. That’s influence.

If you show little interest or lack of care … bad things will grow and be allowed to fester. That’s influence.

If you’re not showing interest, why would they?

If you don’t care, why would they?

The argument might go … because they should. 

And some will. 

For everyone else, you get what you give.

Skippy strategy: Show your interest, show your care – good things happen