February 11, 2016

Baking cakes


There aren’t many ideas that spring in to being, fully formed and beautiful. Only over time – with care, attention and a nurturing attitude – can their true value be realised.

Good ideas should be supported, bad ideas should be canned – naturally.

The question is when to determine which way to go? Straight out of the mixing bowl, when it’s half baked, or when it’s fully formed and dusted with icing sugar?

– A few ingredients barely introduced to each other won’t stand up to scrutiny.

– Half baked means mushy on the inside and waiting to collapse under gentle prodding.

– Plump and proud. Time for the taste test.

Even the best ideas sink if they’re brought out too early. Give them time to cook.

Skippy Strategy: Not too long – they’ll go hard. Not too little – they’ll get left on the side.