February 16, 2018

Be straight


As much as we’d love it, we don’t always manage to follow through on our commitments.

Things get delayed, people let you down, it isn’t as easy as you thought to conduct the internal workings of your corporate orchestra, the technology isn’t in the state you were led to believe. Whatever. Life is more difficult – and maybe you didn’t put your back into it in quite the way you now know you should – and the ball looks like it’s about to smash on the factory floor.

Make that call. As soon as you know that the commitment can’t be delivered against.

Pick up the phone, write the email. Be straight. Explain the situation, what you’ve done to mitigate, what you’re doing to fill the hole. If it’s impossible, say that.

When you can’t follow through on the commitment, you owe information.

Skippy strategy: Give them respect, and give them information.