June 4, 2019

Because it’s decent


Betray someone’s trust and next time … which may be the time you really need them to be open, or direct, or honest, or expansive, or in any way giving of what’s inside their newly hardened carapace … they won’t help you. Or not as much. Or not as carefully. Or not at face value.

They’ll hedge. They’ll pull their punches. They’ll tell you what is least risky to tell, what they think you want to hear, they’ll stay quiet when they need to be heard, they’ll walk away then they should really step in.

Which sounds like … do the right thing because the wrong thing will cost you next time.

But actually … do the right thing because it’s the right thing.

Don’t betray their trust, don’t politick with information, don’t drop them in it.

Because it’s smart, but more important, because it’s decent.

Skippy strategy: The golden rule isn’t just golden for a reason.