December 2, 2017

Before morning coffee


Sometimes the problem is somebody else.

Often, very often, it’s you.

You weren’t clear about what you wanted, you got distracted, you failed to listen or mine for understanding, you put too many things on their plate, too many things on yours, you drove something through which wasn’t ready for prime time, you were coasting, you asked too much, you made assumptions, you relied on the other guy when their track record said you shouldn’t, you took something at face value when your gut was turning circles, your attention strayed, you focused inward, you focused outward, you bluffed, you dug in on someone else’s job and neglected to do your own … and all before morning coffee.

You’re human; susceptible to the same mistakes as the next human.

What makes them a problem? When you try to bluster your way out.

Skippy strategy: When you’re the problem, mea culpa, then fix it.