April 4, 2020

Being dragged


When things go wrong, when delays happen, when deadlines are missed, any issue walks up and smacks you in the face … it matters. It’s because it matters that we take our commitments seriously and try to avoid the issues in the first place.

What else matters, easily as much, is what happens next, what you do next, how you deal with the issues. Head in sand or out in front of the thing. Proactive or reactive. Being dragged kicking and screaming to reasonableness or marching to the middle and staking it out.

Two things are important. Communications, and actions. One without the other leaves people hanging or leads to distrust. You have to tell them what you’re doing and the do it. You have to do things and tell them what you’re doing.

Skippy strategy: In a crisis … make promises and fulfil against them – just like every other day.