May 1, 2024

Being trampled


What seems small to you might seem huge to someone sitting on the other side of the table. What is a tactical detail to you is a strategic imperative to them. What is just any old straw to you could be the one they daren’t throw on their back.

Mole hills and mountains failing to agree.

You can only judge it from your own perspective. Both ways. What looks like cooling magma to you might be a fuss over nothing to them.

When there’s a difference of perspective, dig a little deeper. It could be a misunderstanding, it could be about definitions, it could be something either of you missed. And it’s possible (likely) that the root is an issue of principle.

Recognise when a red line is being trampled, find how to step over it together.

Skippy strategy: If the reaction is out of perspective, look for red lines.