November 29, 2016

Bend and soak


Are you sure?

You’re setting up the new system/product/process/person/partner/supplier, and as usual, the newness is based on lots of due diligence, mostly positive feelings, a little bit of happy-talk and bunch of broad assumptions. Everything feels good so it’s time switch it on, start it running, bring them in, start working together, open the door. It’s a nervous moment that’s (almost) inevitably followed by a sigh of relief.

Of course it works. Didn’t you say it would?

So I ask again, are you sure?

The only way to really know is by actual experience.

In the mean time, the smart money is on running tests. Make active efforts to break the system, bend it into unpleasant shapes, soak with unreasonable demands.

See what happens with the wick turned up.

Skippy strategy: Test every new thing to find the limit. Then you’ll know.