December 7, 2023

Beside the box


You spend a lot of time, attention and resource to make your product or service hit the niche it’s designed to fit. You put effort into your marketing so everyone in the chain knows the value it offers. You do what you can to make your organisation easy to do business with.

Great product, great messaging, great buying experience.

Ta da!

One more thing … not in the box, beside it.

That extra effort, packaged up and presented with a bow, that helps the customer get maximum value licketysplit.

Might be great packaging, some training, a step-by-step, sample code or data, a partner network that knows what it’s doing, an evolving ecosystem that supports and enhances the voyage of discovery.

Added value, right there and easy to access, that’s included and sets you apart from everyone else who’s just shifting boxes.

Skippy strategy: What else should be beside the box?